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Art Bedard in Counterplot (1)

Counterplot (1959)
Directed and Produced by: Kurt Neumann
Written by: Richard Blake
Starring: Forrest Tucker, Allison Hayes, Gerald Milton, Edmundo Rivera Alvarez, Jackie Wayne, Miguel Angel Alvarez and Art Bedard.
Thunder Island (1963)
Directed and Produced by: Jack Leewood
Written by: Don Devlin and Jack Nicholson
Starring: Gene Nelson, Fay Spain, Brian Kelly, Miriam Colon, Art Bedard and Antonio Torres Martino.
Harbor Lights (1963)
Directed and Produced by: Maury Dexter
Written by: Harry Spalding
Starring: Kent Taylor, Miriam Colon, Jeff Morrow, Antonio Torres Martino, Jose de San Anton, Braulio Castillo and Art Bedard.
1959 Counterplot, his part was Dugan.

1963 Thunder Island, his part was Ramon Alou

1963 Harbor Lights, his part was Captain Aristarchus

Art Bedard was born in the United States. He did study for a time in the Hollywood area at The Actors & Singers Studio, Thousand Oaks California. He was a resident of Puerto Rico for many years. He worked there for director producer Robert Cox who led a Musical Theatre group Teatro Musica that performed at Teatro Tapia. Cox was from Beeville, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas, drama department.

Entertainer Art Bedard Show

Entertainer Art Bedard Show

Entertainer Art Bedard Show

All three films listed here were filmed in Puerto Rico where he was a foremost actor in local professional theater. He was also a theatrical critic for several publications including one he published himself for many years, The San Juan Guide.

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Entertainer Art Bedard Counterplot 4

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Entertainer Art Bedard Counterplot 2

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Texas, July and Aug 1965
"Art Bedard, as the fat and fatuous Father McAfee, is memorable."

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